The only limit is our imagination

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Leonardo da Vinci  – the Renaissance man gifted with a curious mind and a brilliant intellect, a scientist, artist, inventor and engineer, whose areas of interest encompassed many fields including science, architecture, literature, art, astronomy, history and cartography.
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Aerial Screw

In the 1480s Italian polymath Leonardo da Vinci created a design for a machine that he described as an “Aerial screw”; this was one of the first recorded advancements towards a vertical flight. The notes indicate that Leonardo built small flying models of the aerial screw, but there were no indications for any provision to stop the rotor from making the craft rotate.
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Express Da Vinci

Fascinated and inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci invention of the aerial screw and his passion for the sense of freedom of flight, we have created the first digital travel drone on the basis of the latest technologies of the twenty first century.


Innovative state-of-the-art technologies allow to digitalise and interactively provide any travel experience which can be real or surreal.

‘Express da Vinci’ is the world’s first digital flight simulator which creates remarkable feelings by allowing people to feel flight into space, jump in time loops, experience flights around the world, or any other exciting trips.


Due to the uncertainty and restrictions that we are currently experiencing our travel possibilities have become unpredictable, however people are willing to travel and our hearts rush out of the desire to experience a travel adventure.

Hence, we believe that this is a great opportunity to invest in our simulator and increase your revenue by allowing people to escape their daily routine and to experience what once they could only imagine.
In terms of content, simulations can be customised to suit customers’ preferences, their imagination being the only limit to their choices of the simulation content. With our innovative solution we can create simulations of historical cities, space trips, trips in time, travel around the world, underwater voyages.

• Historical cities
• Space trips
• Trips in time
• Travel around the word
• Underwater voyages



The video transmission quality of the device is ensured by two synchronously operating laser projectors with a transmitted video resolution of 8k. During the session, an image on the screen of the device and the movements of the device are synchronised.

Easy transportable

The simulator can be easily transported on two standard truck semi-trailers, by cargo ship or railway.

Motion system

The simulator is based on full motion system to move the central cabin and to imitate movements of a flying drone synchronized with video and sound. The platform of the seats is also moving on the vertical axis.


The capacity is 360 visitors per hour. The simulator allows 60 people to join the experience.


• Technical inspection Nord Tuv EN13814BS EN 13814-1:2019 Safety of amusement rides and amusement devices.

Sound system

Currently the simulator uses 13:2 special audio reproduction sound system. It recreates the impression of surround sound environment including perceived location and movements of objects.

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