Mr. Karolis Simniškis

Mr. Karolis Simniškis is the Chairman of the “Express da Vinci group” and the creator of the first in the world mobile flights and digital traveling simulator “Express da Vinci,” the president of “Baltic Entertainment Association,” businessman, investor and designer. Karolis Simniškis works in the leisure and entertainment industry since 2005. He has many years of experience in organizing, manufacturing, and operating attractions and country-level commercial events in his motherland, Lithuania’s best European country. Now he is accomplishing his life’s award-winning project.

Karolis states: “All my life, I have been different from others. I was active and curious, constantly questioning and arguing, and did not follow standardized norms. Already in school, it was clear that my future would be tied to creativity and leadership.” Even in childhood, Karolis helped his grandfather Edward, who used to be the operator of the Soviet Union-made observation Wheel in the attractions park. Later, at age of 14 years old, Karolis assisted his father on various electrical engineering and security systems projects.

Attraction Park in Palanga, Lithuania,

Dragon Family Park in Lithuania,

Attraction park in Kaunas, Lithuania,

Sea Festival in Klaipeda, Lithuania,

The inspiration

Karolis remembers: “As a teenager, I started to take a more serious interest in the entertainment business with gaming machines. By the age of 19, I was already managing the most popular attractions park in my home country Lithuania. Fast forward to today, and I have accumulated over 17 years of experience in the entertainment business”. Mr. Karolis Simniškis started the “Express da Vinci” product idea from the observation tower concept. Hearing initial feedback from his colleagues pushed him to search for a more creative and innovative approach, thus evolving the concept much further.

There is a story behind the “Express da Vinci” name. The Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci was the one who inspired the final idea. As history tells, Leonardo da Vinci created the first flying machine concept. The Express da Vinci simulator is an even more improved version of da Vinci’s creation in the context of the fourth industrial revolution in the 21st century. And the fact that Karolis and Leonardo da Vinci share the same birthday – the 15th of April, creates a very personal connection for Karolis and his vision for this project.Karolis’ main business goal is to create a global network of Express da Vinci flight and digital traveling simulators to let people interactively fly worldwide and educate themselves without leaving their homes. It’s an excellent opportunity to experience unattainable for anyone who can’t travel across the globe and observe the wonders of the World. Why stop at the Earth? The Express da Vinci can take its visitors across Space or into imaginary worlds.

For Karolis, today is only a stop on a path to tomorrow: “I hope to continue my designer and creator path with new ideas and their implementation in the future. Also, I want to publish a few books to document my experience and create more value by sharing my knowledge with others”. The biggest strength of the Express da Vinci group is the uniqueness of the product. It has never been seen before, and it is transportable so that it can be operated anywhere. A full-motion system creates the feeling of a real flight, the exterior looks like a spaceship, and the content presented during the ‘flight’ is built to amaze and educate people. Express da Vinci simulator is a futuristic way to the world’s most unique and amazing corners of the World.

The journey

There are many different flying theaters globally, but they are not transportable ones. The Express da Vinci is. The same thing could be said about edutainment functions which make the machine unique in its content as well. Finally, the uniqueness comes with a feeling of being in a spaceship-like machine and experiencing the real flight experience with extreme effects such as teleportation, breaks, and acceleration mixed with sound and video content.

In summary, it’s more than a simple flying theater. It is a new category of entertainment by itself. So far, the creation of the Express da Vinci has been a very long learning journey, and it’s still going on. Extensive work had to be done: run market analyses, figure out consumers’ needs, and build a professional team for such a unique project to develop. One of the biggest challenges was the preparation of a technical project. All in all, it took three years to get to the stage where the project is today. All the crises that the project team had over the past several years encouraged a risk-management approach, such as how to adapt to all regulations and the adverse environment. For example, the pandemic not only made it harder to operate but also opened new opportunities. Consider what amazing virtual travel solutions the Express da Vinci theater would provide in times of closed restricted travel, and even more when tourism is reborn as it is today. This machine is the perfect instrument to attract more visitors to any place.
Karolis summarizes: “I am an artist and designer. This product is novel and has so much potential. The fact that I have similarities to Leonardo da Vinci in the birth date, talents, and skills gives me more faith in myself in the whole idea.”


One of the biggest challenges was collecting a truly competent team for such a complex project. “Express da Vinci group” consists of 19 European companies with technical talent and leadership. Finding appropriate specialists who would dare to participate in this innovation development process was a tremendous challenge.
It is no secret that it’s tough to find hardworking, caring, and honest professionals in their field. The contemporary world encourages the belief that it is easy to be successful without much effort. However, in real life that is not the case. Thus, the right people with the right skills are the key to reaching success. This is also true of Mr. Karolis Simniškis. He is a passionate leader and always gives 100% effort to reach goals and inspire other members with his energy. This is possible thanks to long working hours and careful planning. Then it is possible to start the new week with a complete package of energy, and motivation to make further progress.

Our Vision

Our business vision is a 1000-unit global network of Express da Vinci simulators. This would allow practically all people worldwide to travel virtually and have a fantastic experience with their relatives and friends. Furthermore, as the digital world is becoming more and more popular, there is a strong potential for Express da Vinci to enter the metaverse opportunities.
Through our simulator, people could visit different metaverse worlds and explore extraordinary universes there. With Express da Vinci, we offer the solution for the more extensive activation of tourism destination visits. When people travel digitally with Express da Vinci will be much more exciting to travel to those destinations in person.
We are also making progress in the technology field because in the future when drone technologies will improve, even more, our machines will be able to provide more amazing content, potentially even in real-time. Digital traveling or just having an immersive experience brings the benefit of seeing virtual worlds that look more beautiful and positive than in reality.

Karolis is certain about his mission: “When looking to the future, I am keen to continue my design skills by creating something new and valuable for people. It’s essential to follow the evolution and changes of humanity’s needs depending on life stages”. I started the “Express da Vinci” product idea from the observation tower concept. People encouraged me to be more creative and innovative, so I began considering improving and upgrading the observation tower.
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