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Da Vinci Group creating a holding: starting to export a unique product, preparing for series production and a 3 billion euros investment

In the face of the pandemic, people’s opportunities to travel freely and get to know the world are severely restricted. Da Vinci Group is offering an innovative solution and introducing a new product Express da Vinci.

The group is setting up a holding company to develop a global network of mobile flight and digital travels simulators worth €3 billion over the next 5 years. Following the take-up of orders and a survey among major companies in the entertainment industry, recommendations have been made to create a centralized global network of transportable flight simulators, making digital travels devices available in every mid-sized city around the world.

The world's first mobile flight and digital travels simulator

The first transportable observation flight and digital travels simulator, during the session, allows 60 passengers to travel virtually and safely and get to know the world’s most famous natural and cultural heritage sites without physically leaving their country or city. The device is designed and adapted for all age groups and can also be operated regardless of the environmental conditions, in winter and summer.

The neutral design and specific purpose of the simulator allow to operate them in the most active and heritage-protected tourist areas – in the cities squares, museums, and other venues, thus ensuring the highest income.

The price of a basic product on the global amusement market exceeds 3 000 000 Eur. The unit is expected to pay for itself in just one or two years of operation.

For the first device certification and test operation, also for series production, the developers are actively working with European equipment suppliers and industrial equipment manufacturers UAB Montuotojas.

This innovative product’s quality and safety, as well as its production project, is approved by the international level maintenance and certification body TÜV Nord and meets the highest technical and safety requirements.

Express da Vinci - Leonardo da Vinci's flying machine reborn

History tells that in the 15th-century artist Leonardo da Vinci was gifted with extraordinary intelligence, he explored a wide range of science. It is also known that the gifted inventor was interested in the concept of a bird flight. Finally, after difficult tests, the genius da Vinci drew up plans for the flight facility. The surviving records of the scientist helped to identify that it was a flying machine and understand its system, even though the machine itself was not manufactured at the time.

History’s evolution continues, and nowadays, in the 21st-century, technologies are constantly evolving. The Renaissance personality Leonardo da Vinci has become a source of inspiration for creators who contribute to the development of historical ideas. Looking at history and the level of the art today, the design of the concept of the artist da Vinci’s aircraft can be improved and the flight itself digitized. Thus the concept of the Leonardo da Vinci flying machine was reborn in the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Flight by a powerful magnetic drone

Stationary flight theaters are known to be successful all over the world, but this is the first mobile observation flight simulator of its kind in the world: a mobile device with unique specifications and themes – a simulator of digital traveling, cultural and natural heritage. The travel simulator, which stands out not only for its specificity but also for its modern design, will not leave anyone indifferent. The device’s authors’ representatives share that the visitor, even before entering the simulator, will immediately feel the entire history of the extraordinary machine and will be impressed by its unique shape, spectacular size, and powerful movements.

A unique visual content display system is installed in the cabin of a simulated powerful magnetic drone. During the flight session, sitting in a large cabin, visitors will experience a real flight simulation and feel the dynamic movements of the device. At the same time, passengers will admire fascinating flight travel views on the huge screen.

During the session, people will enjoy impressive effects – concentrated speed, the highest video resolution, and sound effects. In this breathtaking experience, an even stronger flight feeling and effect will be created by sudden, focused turns, teleportations as you move from one city to another in just a second, and an impressive soundtrack with fantastic views of the world’s most popular destinations.

This mobile simulator of the unique specification is the first of its kind that is adapted for use in heritage areas. Representatives of the owners say that product development is possible all over the world. Such educational entertainment is welcome and promoted in all countries, therefore, by exporting the equipment and operating it in the most famous public places, the aim is to attract the attention of the international media. The exclusive device design is created to be neutral enough to allow operating machines in protected heritage areas where is the largest flow of people.

The global network of travel simulators

Representatives of the authors of the product also reveal that the ambition is to create and develop an international network of travel simulators consisting minimum of 1000 transportable flight simulators, and operate them in different countries of the world, as well as change their locations to adapt to seasonality and possible quarantine restrictions. The total value of the global simulators network under development would exceed € 3 billion over the next five years.

This technological innovation will help to solve the global challenge of cognitive travel, as people will be able to travel around the world without leaving their country or city. The company’s representatives share that in the next five years, a significant part of the world’s population will have the opportunity to travel with this mobile flight travel station.

Looks for a world-class operator

Representatives of the innovators say AB Legatum da Vinci will launch a tender for a world-class facility operator search. According to the representatives, such a large project requires an appropriate operator with similar experience in international activities. It is hinted that will be appealed to one of the world’s largest companies: Europe’s leading and one of the largest entertainment operators Merlin Entertainment, as well as the theme park operator Six flags, the entertainment resort, and amusement operator Cedar Fair.

Will attract a global brand

Looking at the world’s major entertainment venues, such as the London Eye and Brighton Tower, it is known that they collaborate with famous brands worldwide. Legatum da Vinci aims to attract a brand that would be interested in developing a global network of travel simulators and would contribute financially to the establishment of the network by acquiring the right to advertise in the places of operation and activities channels, as well as in the communication campaigns.

The authors of the idea are determined that the entire network, or units of flight simulators, would have a strong brand partner, such as Tesla, Mercedes-Benz. There are also plans to provide a proposal to SpaceX with a marketing offer for cooperation.

Simulators global network funding

The developers of the product are creating AB Legatum da Vinci, whose main goal is to attract international investors who would contribute to the development of this innovation – the creation and development of a global network of simulators. Investors can be individuals, companies, holdings, or investment funds from around the world.

The company intends to issue share issues for each financing of the network simulators under development, the values will be estimated differently, depending on the area and country of primary operation of the simulator, the business environment, and the unique visual content of flights. The value of each issue is expected to be between € 3 000 000 and € 5 000 000. The shares will not be distributed on stock exchanges, investors will be able to purchase shares directly from the company’s owners and their representatives and intermediaries.

In 2022 the company expects to make the first share offering to fund the first network simulator, which will run in Europe.

Appeals to foreign countries

The flight simulator’s owners are looking for international investors from all over the world, but they also want to expand their operating locations, so the company is appealing to the foreign countries’ governments to express their support for the project and interest in this technological innovation as an infrastructure object in their own country or even several travel simulators in different cities of the country.

Interested state governments are encouraged to contact the company’s owners and supply the relevant documentation. AB Legatum da Vinci representatives underline that the company’s Board will analyze the parties’ applications and direct the company’s financial resources to those countries that will be the first to show interest and provide a better business environment.

According to the recommendations, the product developers have selected a list of foreign countries in which should potentially be operated travels devices: Australia, the United States, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Oman, and others. The representatives of the product developers say that the list is not completed, but the manufacturers of the simulator invite the mentioned countries’ governments to express their interest to have the device in their state.

Global countries promotion campaign

A global network of 1000 mobile travels simulators could be the solution for countries around the world that want to attract more tourists and improve business development chances in their states. With this option, foreign countries will be able to promote and introduce their states in other countries.

In the COVID–19 situation, the safest approach to travel and share different nations’ cultures and heritage with people all over the world is to use the digital traveling option and the advantage of simulators‘ mobility, to get to know the world more wisely.

According to business development experts, who say that the most amazing synergy would be if the da Vinci Group team cooperated with a corporation like Google Earth, which, as is known, creates and improves an extraordinary experience for people to see and explore the world with the VR tools. Da Vinci Group leaders are planning to have a discussion and business development offers for Google Earth VR platform.

Interested parties that want to become part of this project, investors, and representatives of national governments should contact the provided general e-mail:

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